This is a multi-device operation simulation environment that integrates a group of simulators such as the R-Car Virtual Platform that are provided for the individual devices to enable coordinated operation.


  • This solution integrates and links simulators that were previously prepared for different individual devices, such as SoCs and microcontrollers, and for different purposes, such as application development or device driver development.
  • The simulators provided by each partner are connected via an Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI), an open standard for model connection and collaborative simulation.
  • In a system consisting of multiple MCUs/SoCs, the optimal system configuration and function allocation can be studied and verified through the simulation, and development using actual devices and ECUs can be performed, thus promoting a shift-left.
  • This enables a wide variety of developers to proceed with model-based development and application development without being limited by the availability of actual devices or ECUs, contributing to the realization of Software First.
  • For microcontrollers, Embedded Target for RH850 Virtual Platform is available as a tool to generate a multi-device co-simulation environment. FMI and SoC support will be available in the future.

Target Devices

Design & Development


Where to Get

The co-simulation environment for multi-devices and simulators that can be integrated is available from the following partners. Please contact the following partners for purchasing information.

Partner Product Info Contact
The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® MATLAB®/Simulink price and other inquiries - MATLAB and Simulink (mathworks.com)
Australian Semiconductor Technology Company VLAB Contact Us | ASTC (astc-design.com)
Synopsys Inc. VDK for R-Car & RH850 Contact the Synopsys Virtual Prototyping Team