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Designed for tuning board-specific parameters, the Capacitive Touch Workbench (CTW) tool ensures proper input detection for capacitive touch interfaces. It guides the user through a step-by-step process to perform the hardware tuning and displays the results.

This tool allows GUI creation, including buttons, sliders and wheels, that specify which capacitive touch sensing unit (CTSU) channels are used for each widget. The tool then performs the tuning process for on-board capacitive sensors and prompts the user to touch and release each widget to determine the proper thresholds. Once tuning is complete, the user can view the CTSU calibrated values for the target board.

The CTW tool, designed to run on Windows, is a modified version of the original Workbench 6 and communicates with the target touch system through USB or UART connection.



Synergy Download

Capacitive Touch Workbench for Synergy


Current Public Release

Release Date:2017-12-11

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MD5: 2e2f1955a19ab35a4e54b68e8faa3209