The Cordless Voice Module (CVM) Development Kit consists of two development boards with headsets, enabling voice connection setup. It enables the easy and cost-effective development of cordless applications and significantly reduces the time-to-market.

All the features of the module are accessible through the pins on the development board, while buttons and LED statuses can be changed and checked. The CVM kit comes with the Athena development environment, an Eclipse-based IDE that provides a development environment for CR16C+ series of microcontrollers, and a GNU cross compiler/linker for CR16 – removing the need for an external µController.


  • Using Flash on the module, makes upgrading easy
  • ETSI DECT (GAP) compliant
  • Connects with up to 6 portable units
  • UART interface for an external host
  • But also Software support for embedded solutions
  • Supports voice and low speed data
  • Power management support


  • A one fits all module running on an ETSI standardized protocol in an interference-free band, supporting
    • DECT
    • DECT 6.0
    • J-DECT
    • CAT-iq
  • Operates as Fixed Part or Portable Part
  • Contains the complete protocol stack
  • Fully TBR6, FCC approved and J-DECT pre-certified
  • Works simply with an API Interface set
  • Fully tested module eliminates need for RF testing
  • Therefore Fast Time-To-Market
  • A complete set of software examples are part of the development kit



  • Hosted or embedded cordless intercom
  • Hosted or embedded cordless baby phone monitor
  • Hosted wireless data applications up to 1.6 Kbit/s (E.g. point-of-sales (PoS) terminals) or use the new CAT-iq LU-10 feature of 54kbit/sec
  • Set-top boxes
  • Routers and wireless xDSL / cable modems
  • Industrial control systems
  • Burglar alarms
  • Wireless local loop (WLL)
  • Pendant applications
  • All other point to point connections


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Audio Data Stack (AVD Module) vs. Wireless Audio Module (WAM)

  Audio Data Stack WAM
Data Rate 1.6kb/s 1.6kb/s
Number of PP in a conference N/A N/A
Number of PP in PA/TG 1024 128
Full duplex/return channels 1 0
Voice/Audio bandwidth 20kHz 11.3kHz
Latency 10ms 10ms
Battery charging NiMH/Li-ion batteries 2 Cell NiMH
Programmability Flexible API interface None