Whether you're developing audio-, voice- or data-based wireless applications, the DA14AVDDECT offers you the fastest and easiest route to market. It combines everything you need for world-class wireless performance in a single compact module. Fully RF tested and certified, it doesn’t require any in-depth RF knowledge or resources to use. Just drop it in and you’re ready to go.

The DA14AVDDECT audio voice data module is a complete solution for next-generation wireless applications. It contains all the hardware necessary, including a state-of-the-art DECT radio, a multi-core, power amplifier, stereo codec, battery management, and onboard antenna. You can tailor the module to your target application area simply by downloading and installing one of our optimized software stacks that also supports over-the-air upgrades.


  • Supports up to 4 microphones (PP) on one receiver (FP)
  • 16kHz audio bandwidth high-end voice/audio quality
  • Transmitter (PP) consumes down to 46mA (LPM) when talking
  • 20kHz audio bandwidth for super high-end voice/audio quality
  • One full duplex return channel with the guide for interaction
  • Supports up to 1024 listeners in one group
  • Receiver (PP) consumes down to 35mA (LPM) when listening




  • Public address
    • Outdoor events
    • School classrooms
    • Church usage
  • Tour guide
    • Training and collaboration
    • Language interpretation
    • Event production/intercom
    • Assistive listening
    • Group tours


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Product Brief PDF 367 KB
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Datasheet PDF 1.75 MB
Manual - Development Tools PDF 1.10 MB
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Boards & Kits


Audio Data Stack (AVD Module) vs. Wireless Audio Module (WAM)

  Audio Data Stack WAM
Data Rate 1.6kb/s 1.6kb/s
Number of PP in a conference N/A N/A
Number of PP in PA/TG 1024 128
Full duplex/return channels 1 0
Voice/Audio bandwidth 20kHz 11.3kHz
Latency 10ms 10ms
Battery charging NiMH/Li-ion batteries 2 Cell NiMH
Programmability Flexible API interface None