Tightly integrated, optimized, and qualified suite of software with a commercial RTOS that scales with end-product complexity and simplifies complex system-level services.

Key Features

  • Application framework for abstraction and code re-use
  • ThreadX®, a proven commercial RTOS
  • X-Ware™, NetX Duo™, NetX Secure™, USBX™, GUIX™, FileX®
  • Flexible layered architecture
  • Developed under the IEC/ISO-12207 Software Life Cycle process
  • Qualified to operate as specified by the SSP datasheet
  • Robust common API across Synergy MCUs

SSP Components

SSP Glossary

SSP components are tightly integrated, optimized, tested, documented, and maintained by Renesas. A layered architecture enables developers to write their application with the Application Framework using common APIs, or by directly connecting to the device driver level as needed. Learn the functions of each SSP component here.

Explore SSP Glossary

Software Qualification

Renesas has established a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process for the SSP to cover the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from early market requirements validation to software verification and maintenance. Every element of the SSP is defined by and tested to meet these requirements.

SSP quality is tracked and measured using combinations of unit, functional, integration, performance, regression, dynamic, and static analysis tests. To ensure the Synergy SQA process is verifiable and produces quantifiable results, five software quality metric categories must be met for a SSP release:

  • Meet coding standards
  • Maintain low code complexity
  • Have traceability to requirements
  • Build cleanly
  • Achieve full test coverage of all code




Three types of SSP licenses are available with a valid user or company registration.


SSP License Type



How to Get


Access to complete SSP functionality for evaluation purposes. Protected code sections cannot be viewed or edited.

No Fee

Included with SSP installer, that can be downloaded after creating a Synergy account.

Development / Production

Access to all SSP functionality
and required for development and production purposes.  Protected code sections can be viewed and debugged, but not edited.

No Fee

Requires Company registration and can only be generated by the Company Super User. License is granted per Company, accessible to all users associated with the Company registration.

Source Code

Access to all SSP functionality for development and production purposes. Source code is fully accessible and editable.


Contact Renesas sales representative.




Version 1.7.5

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2019-12-19

MCUs Supported: S7G2, S3A7, S124, S3A3, S128, S5D9, S5D5, S5D3, S3A6, S3A1, S1JA

MD5: 33e4c18d0cc29ce872efe87b60c35eae


What's New?


SSP v1.7.5 is a maintenance release incorporating updates and improvements to the modules and features provided in SSP v1.7.0.

 Key updates and improvements in SSP v1.7.5

  • USB Printer Class (Host) support: Included USBX Printer class (host) in Synergy USB Framework to add support for FS and HS modes
  • USB HUB class improvement: USB HUB now supports devices with more than 4 interrupts
  • XWare Updates:

                                          ThreadX v5.9

                                          NetX/Duo v5.12

                                          NetX Secure v5.12

                                          NetX/Duo Applications Bundle v5.12

                                          NetX Web (MQTT, SNMP, HTTPS) v5.12

                                          LevelX v5.6 

                                          USBX (Host and Device) v5.9 

                                          GUIX v5.6 and GUIX Studio 5.6

                                          FileX v5.7

  • QSPI Flash: Supports over 16 MB QSPI Flash memory with 4-Byte addressing mode
  • LevelX improvement:  Support for resizing the flash memory with sf_el_ls_nor framework.
  • Connectivity Frameworks: WiFi, Ethernet and Cellular Frameworks updated to support detaching of peripheral devices
  • Ease of Use: Link to Knowledge Base articles in XML


For additional information on improvements and bug fixes, review the SSP v1.7.5 Release Note and User's Manual. 

Important Note: The platform installers for SSP v1.7.5 were updated on 2020-1-08 to resolve an issue with the GUIX User Guide, users who have downloaded the installer between 2019-12-19 and 2020-1-08 are advised to use the GUIX user Guide posted seperately on the download page for GUIX Studio v5.6.


Installation Instructions

Refer to the Release Note for SSP v1.7.5 for installation and usage.