The ISL71444M features four radiation tolerant, low-power amplifiers optimized to provide maximum dynamic range. These op amps feature a unique combination of rail-to-rail operation on the input and output as well as a slew enhanced front-end that provides ultra fast slew rates positively proportional to a given step size. They also offer low-power, Low-offset voltage, and low temperature drift, making the ISL71444M ideal for applications requiring both high DC accuracy and AC performance.


  • Passes NASA Low Outgassing specifications
  • Unity gain stable with wide gain-bandwidth product: 19MHz
  • Wide single and dual supply range: 2.7V to 40V maximum
  • Low input offset voltage: 400µV
  • Low current consumption (per amplifier): 1.1mA, typical
  • High large signal slew rate: 60V/µs
  • Operating temperature range: -55 °C to +125 °C
  • 14 Ld TSSOP with NiPdAu lead finish
  • Characterized radiation level
    • Low Dose Rate (<10mrad(Si)): 30krad(Si)
    • Single Event Effects (LET): 43 MeV•cm2/mg



  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) applications
  • High altitude avionics
  • Precision instruments
  • Data acquisition
  • Power supply control


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