The ISLVERSALDEMO2Z demo board provides the power management for the AMD Xilinx Space Grade Versal ACAP AI Core VC1902 using Renesas' Radiation Hardened Power Management devices. The Versal ACAP system requires various supply rails, including the core, digital, analog, and DDR memory. The ISLVERSALDEMO2Z provides all these rails for the user to evaluate the performance against the Versal ACAP DC and AC electrical specifications.


  • Radiation hardened power solution by Renesas
  • Designed to power AMD Xilinx Space Grade Versal ACAP AI Core VC1902
  • Includes regulators for all VC1902 rails, DDR4 memory and general +5V/+3.3V bus
  • Power supply sequencing up and down on all rails


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ISLVERSALDEMO2Z Reference Design Power Solution for AMD’s XQRVC1902 Versal Adaptive SoC

The ISLVERSALDEMO2Z provides a complete space-qualified power solution for the AMD XQRVC1902 SoC, packing multiple rad-hard power rails in an ultra-compact footprint, delivering turnkey efficiency and precision. For ordering information, schematics, Gerber files, and more, visit renesas.com/islversaldemo2z.