Over the last decade satellites and spacecrafts have seen an exponential increase in the need for on-board data processing and storage demands. Additionally, major satellite manufacturers have recently announced their latest satellites to be modular, fully digital and capable of in-orbit reconfigurability. To meet these demands, satellite and payload manufacturers are using high-end FPGAs, ASICs and processors. Microsemi’s RTG4 FPGA is a radiation hardened FPGA that has comparable performance to commercial counterparts in demanding computing applications. The RTG4 requires a complex power solution with multiple low voltage supply rails that can deliver high currents and a need for power supply sequencing to eliminate high inrush currents.

In collaboration with Microchip and Ibeos, Microsemi’s RTG4 development board schematic and layout board were modified to replace the existing power solution that uses commercial grade products with Renesas Radiation Hardened power products. The ISLRTG4DEMO1Z reference board has the same functionality as the Microchip RTG4 Development Kit but includes the space grade power solution from Renesas’ Intersil family of power management ICs.

Contact Renesas for support regarding the rad hard power management ICs in this reference design, for questions on other products please contact the respective manufacturer.


  • Radiation hardened QMLV power solution (MIL-PRF-38535)
  • RTG4 footprint compatibility with spaceflight version
  • 2x1GB DDR3 SDRAM
  • 2GB SPI flash memory
  • PCI express Gen1 x1 interface
  • PCIe x4 edge connector
  • One pair of SMA connectors for testing of the full-duplex SERDES channel
  • Two FMC connectors with HPC/LPC pinout for expansion
  • RJ45 interface for 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • USB Micro-AB connector
  • Headers for SPI and GPIOs
  • FTDI programmer interface to program the SPI flash
  • JTAG programming interface
  • RVI header for application programming and debug
  • FlashPro programming header
  • Embedded Trace Macro (ETM) cell header for debug
  • Dual In-Line Package (DIP) switches for user applications
  • Push button switches and LEDs for demo purposes
  • Current measurement test points



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