The HA-4900 series are monolithic, quad, precision comparators offering fast response time, low offset voltage, low offset current and virtually no channel-to-channel crosstalk for applications requiring accurate, High-Speed, signal level detection. These comparators can sense signals at ground level while being operated from either a single +5V supply (digital systems) or from dual supplies (analog networks) up to ±15V. The HA-4900 series contains a unique current driven output stage which can be connected to logic system supplies (VLOGIC+ and VLOGIC-) to make the output levels directly compatible (no external components needed) with any standard logic or special system logic levels. In combination analog/digital systems, the design employed in the HA-4900 series input and output stages prevents troublesome ground coupling of signals between analog and digital portions of the system. These comparators' combination of features make them ideal components for signal detection and processing in data acquisition systems, test equipment and microprocessor/analog signal interface networks. For military grade product, refer to the HA-4902/883 data sheet.


  • Fast Response Time 130ns
  • Low Offset Voltage 2.0mV
  • Low Offset Current 10nA
  • Single or Dual Voltage Supply Operation
  • Selectable Output Logic Levels
  • Active Pull-Up/Pull-Down Output Circuit. No External Resistors Required




  • Threshold Detector
  • Zero Crossing Detector
  • Window Detector
  • Analog Interfaces for Microprocessors
  • High Stability Oscillators
  • Logic System Interfaces


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