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The latest ROM-ordering infomation for 720 Family (4500 series, 720 series) MCUs is here.

ROM Ordering Procedure


ROM data completed (hexadecimal format)
ROM number obtained?
ex. M306V0ME-123FP (Underline is the ROM number)
In the case of YES:
Please proceed to ③.
In the case of NO:
Request ROM number from the nearest RENESAS Sales Office. Obtain ROM number. Please proceed to ③.
Download the latest version of the following forms corresponding to your microcomputer:
  • Mask ROM Confirmation Form/ROM Programming Confirmation Form
4500 Series ROM Ordering Mask ROM Confirmation Form
720 Series ROM Ordering Mask ROM Confirmation Form
  • Mark Specification Form
Note: If you do not find the forms corresponding to your microcomputer, please contact the nearest RENESAS Sales Office.  (Please do not use another microcomputer's forms or hand-revised forms.)
Execute the Maskfile converter (MM) and convert ROM data into maskfile format. Before specifying the MCU part number which begins with "M" while executing the MM, confirm whether or not the microcomputer name includes a hyphen using Non-hyphenated Microcomputer Names (PDF | English, 日本語).
Fill Out the required section of
Mask ROM confirmation Form/ROM Programming Confirmation Form.
Fill Out the required Mark Specification Form.
  • How to Fill Out Mark Specification Form (Available Soon)
  • Mark Specification Form Example (Customer's Parts Number + RENESAS Catalog Number) (Available Soon)
  • How to Fill Out Mark Specification Form (Available Soon)
Submit the following data and forms to the nearest RENESAS Sales Office.
  1. Mask ROM Confirmation Form or ROM Programming Confirmation Form
  2. Mark Specification Form
  3. ROM data (maskfile)

Maskfile Converter (MM)


  • The Mask file converter MM creates mask files needed to mask microcomputers.
  • This site provides valuable information for our customers.
  • If you have any quesition about the MM, please contact your nearest distributors.

MM Download


  • The latest version (Sep. 1, 2003) 
    The Mask file converter MM, which is bundled to C Compiler and Assembler, was upgraded from V.3.00 Release 3 to V.3.00 Release 3A on Sep. 1, 2003.
  • Maskfile Converter MM V.3.00 Release 3A Utility (EXE)

MM Technical Support Information