The Renesas F6121SEVS Evaluation Kit is designed to reduce the learning cycle, build system-level confidence and enable a rapid time to market with the F6121 IC. The kit includes all the essential components required for the rapid validation and evaluation of the electrical performance characteristics of the F6121 Active Beamforming IC. 

Included Components:

  • RFIC Evaluation Board
  • Digital Interface Board
  • USB Cable (USB-A to USB-B micro)
  • Power Supply Cable
  • Digital Interconnect Cable
  • Renesas Beamforming Evaluation Kit Software and Device Drivers (web download)
  • RF De-Embed Files (web download)


The Renesas F6121 Evaluation Kit includes the following features to enable rapid learning and precise and thorough evaluation of the F6121 IC:

  • 50Ω 2.92mm interface to RF IOs
  • De-embed files for shifting measurement plane to the I/O balls
  • Standard header interface for DC supply
  • Jumper configurable IC SPI address
  • Clip-on test point access for voltage sense
  • DC supply bypassing capacitors
  • A trigger output for transient measurements
  • Renesas beamforming software with intuitive graphical user interface  
  • Individual channel and chip-level Enable, Gain, Phase and Bias controls
  • Data logging of all programming commands within GUI
  • User definable beam lookup tables


Title language Type Format File Size Date
star F61xx Evaluation Kit User Guide Manual - Hardware PDF 5.27 MB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
F61xx EVB Artwork PCB Design Files ZIP 1.50 MB
F61xx RF Board De-embed Files Software & Tools - Software ZIP 443 KB
F61xx Evaluation Kit Software and Drivers Software & Tools - Software ZIP 3.84 MB