Holding seminars for development of efficient custom devices using IP

Seminars introducing application packages and development events of partners, etc., are provided for developers of devices using IP products.

Sequentially-held seminars focused on IP products for customers

  • Introduction of Application Package and its usage
    • 12-axis motor control package
  • Introduction of functions of advanced IP
    • Processing in Memory (PIM)
    • Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM)
    • Ethernet TSN, etc.
  • Introduction of development cases using the Renesas IP (by IP-licensed partner)
  • Noise (EMC) design seminar

Clear and understandable explanations of elements useful for device development using Renesas IP products

Seminars introduce various IP usages (including future IP utilities).

Note: The above seminars include contents under consideration. Holding seminars is planned according to customers’ needs.

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