Enabling prior evaluation for accelerator Core (PIM) of extending edge AI

This evaluation kit can evaluate advanced IPs under development by using actual silicon prior to release, enabling functional evaluation of high-power efficient PIMs.

What is “Early Adapter Kit“?

  • Enables early evaluation for AI accelerator IP due for release in 2021 as an IP licensed product.
  • Can be offered (lent) for functional evaluation of high-power efficient (8.8TOPS/W) PIMs.
  • Provides paid customer support for evaluating PIM functions and adaptability to customer applications and for software development.
  • Uses Raspberry Pi for the control board and three stackable PIM function boards, in consideration of easy development of PoC (Proof of Concept) applications, suited for extended inference execution.

Enabling pre-evaluation for the hardware accelerator function of advanced edge AI

Early Adapter Kit

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