Q1 What is IP license?

For license, IPs are semiconductor design data.
IP Licensing is to conclude a license agreement and make the design data available to the licensee or users. The users can develop and manufacture original semiconductors you need , which include the design data.

Q2 Is there any limit or usage period on the terms of the IPs?

The usage period is defined in the license agreement. The agreement may be effective until the terminated by mutual agreement. You can use IPs as long as you need them.

Q3 Can anyone try using IPs in advance?

Please contact us as it varies depending on IPs.
As an evaluation, for example, evaluation boards where an IP is already implemented are available, and they make it possible to evaluate the IP’s operation.
Evaluation agreements are also possible, which make it possible to evaluate IP’s functions and performances.

Q4 Can anyone develop his original semiconductor by using IPs?

Because IPs are semiconductor design data, development to use IPs requires semiconductor knowledge and design skills.
If these are not enough, you can get supports from Renesas IP license partners.
We also deliver easy-to-use IPs as follows. Some microcomputer functions, which are some of best seller microcontrollers, are ready. Guidebooks of FPGA implementation and evaluation environment set-up are available for specific IPs.

Q5 What are soft macro IPs?

Soft macro IPs are a type which are independent from processes. The other type is hard macro IPs which are available in specific processes.
Soft macro IPs are described in RTL description language, from which synthesis tools generate FPGA implementation data or ASIC layout data corresponding to the devices you use.
Depending on the definition in the agreement, some different type FPGAs or some different devices may be available.

Q6 What is IP license achievement?

Renesas issued a news release in September 2018 regarding IP licenses as "Renesas Launches Expanded Sales of IP Licenses". Prior to that, we had a lot of experience with IP licensing, and since the news release, we have seen an even greater increase. Today, many devices that use Renesas IP are in production around the world, even outside of Renesas products.