Leveraging various assets for Renesas general-purpose devices

Renesas IPs are developed for Renesas devices. Over the years, many development environments, software and supports have been provided by Renesas and third parties for Renesas devices. Customers who use Renesas IP can utilize these assets and know-how about them. Not only customers who already use Renesas devices, but also other customers can utilize various assets with Renesas IP comparable to Renesas devices.

Easy management, migration and inheritance of a combination of hardware and software

Combination of hardware including IPs and software that controls it brings its easy portability. For example, users can mutually migrate the combination among Renesas devices, ASICs and FPGAs, and they will be able to use it in optimal devices for a long time. It is possible to develop PoC or prototype with FPGA, to integrate Renesas device functions and other functions in one chip and keep it for long-term production.

Easy mutual migration (High portability)

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