The ForgeFPGA™ family fulfills the design need for relatively small amounts of programmable logic that can be quickly and efficiently designed into cost-sensitive applications. ForgeFPGA devices provide dramatic cost savings versus other alternatives, including non-FPGA designs.

These FPGAs use the same business model and infrastructure as the popular GreenPAK line: free, easy-to-use software with no license fees and available worldwide application support.

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Lowest Power Consumption

  • Half the power of FPGAs on the market
  • Target standby current of <20µA, the lowest on the market
  • Low power allows for use in a wide range of applications previously closed to FPGAs

Competitive Price Point

  • Lower device cost than the competition
  • High level of integration lowers the overall system price
  • Allows for the use of an FPGA in more targeted applications previously gated by cost
  • Allows for using FPGAs in high-volume consumer applications previously inaccessible to FPGAs due to cost

Easy, Free Software

  • License-free software
  • Software is free to download 
  • Software is easy to use
  • Two development modes
    • HDL mode for experienced FPGA
    • Macro-cell mode uses schematic-capture-based development flow
    • Users can freely switch modes on-the-fly
  • Fast and easy sample ordering


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