The P9222-R-EVK wireless power evaluation board demonstrates the features and performance of the P9222-R 5W wireless power receiver in low-power applications such as earbuds and hearing aids charging cases. The P9222-R-EVK can supply up to 5W power. IDT’s P9235A-RB-EVK Evaluation Board or any other Qi-certified transmitter can be used as the power transmitter for P9222-R-EVK evaluation board testing.

The P9222-R-EVK is a high-efficiency, turnkey reference design supported by comprehensive online resources to significantly expedite design-in effort and enable rapid prototyping.  A small 30 × 30 mm power receiver coil is used in the design to meet small form factor device requirements.

Using the P9222-R Windows GUI and the P9222-R-EVK customers can quickly customize operating parameters for their application requirements. Operating parameters such as foreign object detection (FOD) thresholds can be configured by either writing to internal SRAM registers via the I2C interface or by loading the user configuration generated by the P9222-R Windows GUI into an external EEPROM. The P9222-R-EVK has an on-board external EEPROM and connectors to plugin USB to I2C dongle.


  • WPC1.2.4 Baseline Power Profile (5W) compatible 
  • Design optimized for low power applications with 30 × 30 mm coil 
  • Approximately 70mm² solution area
  • Schematic and layout files are available online
  • Easy configuration of design parameters through I2C interface or an external EEPROM 
  • Works with P9222-R Windows GUI 
  • On-board external EEPROM for easy design parameters change
  • J12 connector compatible with “USB-FTDI-V2-1”(FTDI) and ARM60 USB to I2C dongles
  • 4–layer PCB with 1oz. copper

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User Guides & Manuals
P9222-R Evaluation Kit Manual Manual - Eval Board PDF 2.90 MB
Application Notes & White Papers
P9222 Layout Guidelines Application Note PDF 1.28 MB
Tuning Qi and AirFuel / PMA Inductive Resonance Circuits for Optimal Efficiency White Paper PDF 627 KB
AN956 Automatic Wireless Power and Wired Charging Switching Circuitry Application Note PDF 301 KB
P9222-R Windows GUI Software ZIP 5.15 MB
USB Drivers for USB-FTDI-V2-1 Dongle Software ZIP 1.99 MB
P9222-R Configuration for External EEPROM Bin File Software ZIP 0 KB
Wireless Power Products Overview Overview PDF 1.14 MB
P9222-R-EVK Schematic (v1p1) Schematic PDF 65 KB
P9222-R-EVK Bill-of-materials (BOM, v1p1) Engineering XLSX 17 KB
P9222-R-EVK Allegro Board File (v1p1) Engineering ZIP 247 KB
P9222-R-EVK Gerber Files (v1p1) Engineering ZIP 189 KB
P9222-R-EVK Allegro Schematic (v1p1) Schematic ZIP 75 KB