The P9025A “CSP” evaluation board serves to demonstrate the features and performance of the P9025A Wireless Power Receiver solution for Mobile Device with RX-A Coil. The intuitive top-level layout and control simplifies the user experience to emphasize the impressive level of integration and abundance of useful features that this device offers.

The device is powered by a 1mm thick RX-A type receiver coil attached to a 2mm thick plastic fixture. The P9025A is pre-programmed with a standard start-up program that is controlled by an internal state machine when the board is placed upon a WPC “Qi” type transmitter such as the P9035A TX-A11 EVKIT.

The core layout is a 4-layer Cadence Allegro reference design that can be copied and integrated into a larger system design. The application area is enclosed in the white silkscreen to show the possible small PCB layout in an end system. 


  • P9025A CSP Evaluation Design Module with 1mm RX-A coil
  • 4-layer PCB with 1 oz. copper traces
  • Fully assembled with test points and coil fixture
  • I2C Connector
  • LED status indicator
  • 5W or lower output power RLIM potentiometer setting 

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IDTP9025A CSP Demo Board User Manual Manual - Eval Board PDF 3.04 MB
PDN# : CQ-16-01 PRODUCT DISCONTINUANCE NOTICE Product Discontinuation Notice PDF 552 KB
PCN# : PA1504-01 New AC Devices for P9024/25/28 devices Product Change Notice PDF 25 KB