The iW3677 front-end flyback power factor correction device provides high power factor (PF >0.9) and low THD (<20%) down to 33% load current using Renesas' PF-Boost™ technology. The device can be configured in both isolated and non-isolated configurations, as a buck, buck-boost or flyback converter and consumes less than 150mW no-load standby power at 230VAC. The iW3677 integrates a high-voltage startup device which also reduces standby power consumption during normal operation.

The iW3677 integrates a full range of protection features including output overvoltage, over-power, input overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent and sense resistor short circuit protection, open loop and over-temperature protection.

For an option without integrated high-voltage startup, see iW3671.


  • 100W Offline Controller Supports Isolated and Non-isolated Flyback, Buck and Buck-Boost
  • Integrated High-Voltage Startup Device
  • PF >0.9 and THD <20% Across Input Voltage at Output Power >33%
    • THD <10% at Full Load, Across the Input Voltage Range
  • Supports Wide AC Input Voltage – 90VAC to 305VAC with Tight AC Load and Line Regulation (±3%)
  • Fast PFC Ready Time <0.2s
  • Standby Power - <150mW at Input Voltage of 230VAC
  • Fully Protected
    • Output Overvoltage, Over-Power, Overcurrent, Sense-Resistor Short Protections
    • Input Voltage Undervoltage and Overvoltage Protection
    • Built-In Over-Temperature Protection
    • Open Loop Protection
  • IEC 61000-3-2 Compliant




  • Commercial Lighting:
    • External Fixture Drivers

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