The ISL78420 is a 100V, 2A high frequency half-bridge NMOS FET driver with a tri-level PWM input. With an operating supply voltage range of 8V to 14V, it supports a 114V bootstrap bias for driving the high-side NMOS in 100V half-bridge applications. This part is a derivative of the industrial family of HIP2120-HIP2123 100V half-bridge drivers. This driver is designed to work in conjunction with the ISL78220and ISL78225 “Multi-Phase Interleaved Boost PWM Controller with Light Load Efficiency Enhancement”. It can also be used in applications where a standard half-bridge driver is needed. This driver has a programmable dead-time to ensure break-before-make operation between the high-side and low-side MOSFET. A resistor is used to set the dead-time from 35ns to 220ns. The PWM pin’s tri-level input allows control of the high-side and low-side drivers with a single pin. When the PWM input is at logic high, the high-side bridge FET is turned on and the low-side FET is off. When the input is at logic low, the low-side bridge FET is turned on and the high-side FET is turned off. When the input voltage is in mid-level state, both the high and low-side bridge FETs are turned off. The enable pin (EN), when low, also turns both bridge FETs off. This EN input can be used when the controller driving the ISL78420 does not utilize a tri-level output. Both PWM and EN logic inputs are VDD tolerant. The ISL78420 is offered in a 14 Ld HTSSOP package and complies with 100V conductor spacing per IPC-2221. The device is Automotive AEC-Q100 qualified for the temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.


  • 114VDC bootstrap supply maximum voltage
  • 2A source and sink driver for 100V half-bridge NMOS FETs
  • Programmable dead-time prevents shoot-through; adjustable from 35ns to 220ns with a single resistor
  • Unique tri-level PWM input logic enables phase shedding when using multiphase PWM controllers (e.g. ISL78220/225)
  • On-chip 1Ω (dynamic) bootstrap diode
  • 10ns rise and fall times with 1000pF load
  • 8V to 14V operating voltage range
  • Supply undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
  • 14 Ld HTSSOP package compliant with 100V conductor spacing guidelines per IPC-2221
  • AEC-Q100 qualified




  • Automotive applications
  • Multi-phase boost (ISL78220/225)
  • Half-bridge DC/DC converter
  • Class-D amplifiers
  • Forward converter with active clamp


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