The R2A20132SP controls two boost converters to provide a active power factor correction. The R2A20132SP is based on R2A20112 and additional functions are Slave drop function at light load, Off time control, Brownout, Double OVP, Dynamic under voltage protection, and ZCD signal open detection. Also the reference voltage tolerance is improved. The R2A20132SP adopts critical conduction mode for power factor correction and realizes high efficiency and a low switching noise by zero current switching. Interleaving function improve ripple current on input or output capacitor by 180 degrees phase shift. The feedback loop open detection, over current protection are built in the R2A20132SP, and can constitute a power supply system of high reliability with few external parts.


  • Maximum ratings Supply voltage Vcc: 24 V Junction temperature Tj: –40 to +150°C
  • Electrical characteristics VREF output voltage VREF: 5.0 V ± 1.5% UVLO operation start voltage Vuvlh: 10.5 V ± 0.7 V UVLO operation shutdown voltage Vuvll: 9.3 V ± 0.5 V UVLO hysteresis voltage Hysuvl: 1.2 V ± 0.5 V
  • Functions Boost converter control with critical conduction mode Interleaving control with slave drop (SD) function at light load Off time control (OTC) function: Switching loss is decreased at light load. Brownout function Double OVP: Two line sense for over voltage protection Dynamic under voltage protection (DUVP): Sense for under voltage protection AC Hi voltage detection (ACDET) Feedback loop open detection ZCD signal open detection Master and Slave independenced over current protection 140 μs restart timer Package lineup: Pb-free SOP-20




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