Ubiquitous DTCP is a software development kit (SDK) for developing networked devices compatible with content protection by DTCP. This SDK can support various low-level network such as IP network, MOST and Ethernet AVB, and it is provided according to customer's needs.

DTCP (Digital Transmission Content Protection) is a link protection technology that will be used for copyright protection of video and audio contents. DTCP technology is mapped to various network physical layers. In the current market, it is implemented and commercialized in the form of DTCP-IP using IP network and DTCP-MOST using MOST.

Ubiquitous DTCP features a very small code size (50 KB at minimum for DTCP-IP). Ubiquitous DTCP SDK is provided as a library. Porting to customers' various platforms is also possible. Porting can be done in a very short time when implementing it on Linux, so it can be provided very quickly.

NOTICE: Before purchasing this product, it is necessary to conclude a license agreement between you and DTLA (Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator).

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