NextAMR is an AI-equipped autonomous mobile robot, focusing on the low and mid payload segment. Unlike conventional AGV, NextAMR can operate without dedicated rails, automatically searching for the optimal route, maneuvering skillfully in environments with people and other obstacles. The solution can control autonomous running of each robot, and manage the collaboration of multiple robots at the same time. Low power efficiency and real-time processing are made possible by using RZ/V series.


  • Navigation and localization
    • SLAM mapping & localization
    • Path planning, motion control
    • Obstacle detection, mission management
  • Fleet management
    • Centralized robot configuration
    • Vehicle monitoring, battery charge management
    • Dynamic mapping, optimal task scheduling
    • Existing systems (MES / WMS) and API / SDK for equipment integration



  • Cargo transportation at factories and warehouses of manufacturers, logistics companies.
  • Robot manufacturers.