CONNECT IT! ETHERNET RZ/N is the perfect solution kit for developers new to developing with the RZ/N1. The kit comes with not only an evaluation board, but also a JTAG emulator and various sample software. By setting up the board according to the startup manual, you can evaluate Linux OS or Renesas R-IN engine (“R-IN engine”), or master and slave communications using EtherCAT or various other protocols In addition to three CPU boards (RZ/N1D, RZ/N1S and RZ/N1L), an expansion board that enables you to evaluate various peripheral functions is also available; you can choose which evaluation board to use according to your application. Experience the performance and function of the RZ/N1 through this CONNECT IT! ETHERNET RZ/N kit.


  • JTAG emulator
    • IAR I-jet Lite (20-pin flat ribbon/USB cable)
  • 2 USB cables
  • Startup manuals
  • Pin setting tool
  • RZ/N Solution Kit DVD
    • User's manual
    • OS (Linux, ThreadX®(Evaluation version), HW-RTOS)
    • Software PLC Codesys
    • Protocol stacks
      • EtherCAT®
      • Modbus
      • PROFINET®
      • Ethernet/IP
      • etc.



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Quick Start Guide PDF 698 KB
Quick Start Guide PDF 1.23 MB
Quick Start Guide PDF 997 KB
Quick Start Guide PDF 1.05 MB
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RZ/N1 Solution Kit – Fast prototyping for Multi-protocol Industrial Ethernet

The RZ/N1D solution kit is an all-in-the-box package for fast evaluation and rapid prototyping of multiple industrial Ethernet protocols.

RZ/N1 is a family of scalable Arm® based industrial Ethernet switches. The performant Arm® Cortex®-A7 CPU on board, makes them an ideal choice for building Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), industrial switches, gateways or operator terminals. Due to the unique combination of hardware and software, developers can easily exchange various industrial Ethernet protocols and focus only on developing the application software.