The RZ/A1LU AVB board is equipped with a connector for connecting the RZ/A1LU R7S72103 manufactured by Renesas Electronics and the Ethernet AVB interface. It is useful for developing and evaluating Ethernet AVB application software using the RZ/A1LU. Ze-PRO AVB Evaluation Kit combines the hardware and software including the RZ/A1LU AVB board, which is required to easily evaluate the opposite communication of Ethernet AVB, is Zuken Elmic. For more details visit


  • The boot memory can be selected from serial flash memory, SD controller built-in NAND flash memory, and MMC controller built-in NAND flash memory.
  • The R7S72103 peripheral function interface includes a serial port (USB Micro-B) connector, USB connector, LAN connector, CAN connector, microSD card slot, MMC slot and key input switch as standard equipment.
  • Equipped with audio CODEC and audio DAC as standard, advanced development of audio system is possible.
  • The USB connector is equipped with a series A receptacle as standard for evaluating the USB host module. In addition, it has a board pattern on which a Mini-B receptacle can be mounted for evaluating USB function modules.
  • The LAN connector is installed as standard, and software development and evaluation using Ethernet is possible.
  • Equipped with a general-purpose MIL connector for evaluating the digital video signal input function (20-pin x 1).
  • Equipped with a 26-pin MIL connector for connecting an Aptina CMOS camera (MT9V024IA7XTCD ES).
  • R7S72103 Implements Arm JTAG 20 and CoreSight 20 connectors for connection with user debug interface.