Updated: Apr. 28, 2022
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Product Overview

This product provides the software and documentation for DRP-AI embedded within RZ/V2M.
Please read the release note included in this first when you use this product.


  • DRP-AI Driver
  • DRP-AI Sample Application
  • AI Evaluation Software
  • AI Implementation Guide

Target Reference Boards

RZ/V2M Evaluation Board Kit


2022/4/28: DRP-AI Support Package Version.7.00
2022/2/1: DRP-AI Support Package Version.6.00
2021/10/8: DRP-AI Support Package Version.5.00
2021/9/1: DRP-AI Support Package Version.4.10


The following packages is required to use this product.

Document (All of the following documents are included in the Package.)


Support Policy

Renesas provides support for the items below for RZ/V2M DRP-AI Support Package without additional payment.

  Form Q&A and issue analysis*1 Maintained by Renesas
Renesas reference board Customer board
Customer developed/modified SW - No No*2 No
Customer added OSS - No No No
Validation target OSS in VLP Source Code Yes No No
Renesas developed SW Source Code Yes Yes Yes
Binary Yes Yes*3 Yes

*1) Firstly, customers should investigate which part has a problem: Renesas’ deliverables or customer’s developed part.

*2) We provide support for the board-dependent changes such as channel numbers and pin configurations.

*3) We provide Q&A support only for the functions which are defined and described in the user's manual.

Target Devices