“Prepaid by Renesas” TES Guiliani-Lite for RZ/A

“Prepaid by Renesas” TES Guiliani-Lite for RZ/A is brought to you by Renesas and TES Electronic Solutions. This prepaid GUI framework production license works for the following RZ/A-based platform.

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The Best GUI Frameworks for RZ/A

Renesas’ family of embedded MPUs of the RZ/A family can be used in combination with a variety of GUI frameworks, including TES Guiliani, Crank Storyboard Designer, ExpressLogic GUIX, Segger emWin, Altia Deepscreen, IS2T MicroEJ and Tara Embedded Wizard, each with their own advantages.

In this special promotion “Prepaid by Renesas” TES Guiliani-Lite for RZ/A, Renesas has prepaid for end-customers the production license fees for RZ/A based projects.


Design-in 2D effects that almost like 3D with TES Guiliani

TES Guiliani on RZ/A is a cross platform C++ framework to develop visually appealing user interfaces. With TES Guiliani on RZ/A you can create stunning graphical user interfaces for embedded systems within minutes. TES Guiliani can be used with all RZ/A embedded MPUs and evaluated with the Display it! RZ solution kit. Even better, with the new „Prepaid by Renesas” TES Guiliani-Lite program, no GUI framework licensing costs arise for Renesas RZ/A customers in production.

Renesas RZ + TES Guiliani - A perfect solution for industrial HMI's


RZ/A embedded MPUs optimize your HMIs with

  • world‘s largest embedded SRAM of 10MBs
  • superfast QSPI interface
  • integrated display control
  • powerful graphics acceleration

TES Guiliani is a high-end HMI framework with

  • comfort of a PC based HMI editor and tool chain
  • benefits of a highly-optmized software framework
  • perfect fit for embedded hardware
  • 2D technology and quasi 3D user experience

TES Guiliani-Lite software environment

The combination of Renesas RZ/A embedded MPUs and TES Guiliani GUI framework extend the „smart phone lifestyle“ to a wide range of industrial products.The “Prepaid by Renesas” Guiliani-Lite package comes with a set of software components, which include the RZ/A platform components (MPU, IDE, OS), the Guiliani components (Runtime library) and an example application in source code.


Component Component spec. Version
Guiliani Library for platform V2.2, 2.3 and 2.4
Guiliani Library for Windows V2.2, 2.3 and 2.4
Guiliani Streaming Editor (GSE) for Windows  
Guiliani-Lite Product-License Key  
OS FreeRTOS V8.2.3 or higher
Compiler gcc GNUARM-none V15.0.1 or higher
IDE e2studio V4.2.0 or higher

Bring a smart-phone experience to your industrial equipment quickly and without licensing cost!

This is what your HMI could look like tomorrow!

No royalties and no licensing fees through “Prepaid by Renesas!”


„Prepaid by Renesas” TES Guiliani-Lite program

With the new „Prepaid by Renesas” TES Guiliani-Lite program, no GUI framework licensing costs arise for Renesas RZ/A customers in production. Approved Renesas RZ/A customers will be directed to TES Guiliani program site to receive software and license key.


Please visit TES Guiliani website for more information and to download RZ/A-Guiliani Evaluation SDK at:

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