This is a reference design of a thermoelectric Peltier controller using an high-precision AFE-mounted MCU, RX23E-A. It is capable of realizing measurement, calculation and the control necessary to perform temperature control with a single RX23E-A chip,

The Thermoelectric Peltier Controller (TEC) is a temperature controller for heating and cooling that utilizes a phenomenon called the Peltier effect. The TEC is widely used in consumer and industrial applications for temperature and has following features.

  • Easy switching between heating and cooling depending on the direction of current
  • High precision and fast response temperature control
  • With no mechanical driving part, easy to miniaturize and generating no vibration or noise

This reference design consists of the application note describing a control design, hardware design and software design, and the sample program. By using this reference design, you can easily try temperature control using RX23E-A.

We have test-manufactured a demo unit and evaluated response characteristics and control resolution. The temperature response of the Peltier module with temperature control shortened the time to reach the final value of 63.2% from 24.9 sec to 3.18 sec compared to the response without temperature control, indicating a significant improvement in responsiveness. In addition, it is confirmed that the Peltier Controller can be controlled in a resolution of 5m℃ or less because it responds to changes in command values in steps of 5m℃.


  1. Equipped with AFE-mounted MCU, RX23E-A
    • RX23E-A is capable of highly accurately measuring and controlling temperature with a single chip.
    • It makes an external dedicated AFE unnecessary, thereby reducing the BOM cost and the board mounting area.
    1. Temperature and current measurement by ADC
      • 24bitΔΣ ADC and excitation current source enables 3-wire Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)'s measurement.
      • Full-bridge circuit’s current measurement by 12bitSAR ADC
    2. PID Control Calculation by RXv2 Core
      • Cascade control implementation of current control and temperature control improves both response and stability.
    3. PWM Control by Utilizing Peripheral Functions
      • Complementary PWM output enables power-efficient control.
  2. Equipped with various power devices
    • Half-bridge Driver ISL2111ABZ
    • DC/DC converter ISL8560IRZ
    • Power MOSFET RJK0654DPB


  • Application note
  • Sample program
  • Circuit diagram (included in application note)



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