Heading for higher performance

Mid-range MCU family as a statement from a responsible manufacturer

MCU-embedded systems are required to improve their performance in response to the changing market environment that demands higher capacity, performance, complexity and lower energy consumption.

Renesas has offered 16/32-bit mid-range MCU (microcontroller) families, such as H8S, H8SX, M16C, and R32C, that have been central to consumer and industrial MCU-embedded systems. These products have been widely supported by our customers.

On the other hand, Renesas, as the No. 1 supplier of MCUs ahead of any other industry players, has the responsibility to address the continual evolution of systems and new issues facing our customers, by providing them with specific solutions.

 Development Concept for the RX MCUs

As our answer to the above-mentioned mission, Renesas has, over the years, developed its new CPU core, the RX CPU, equipped with the level of performance that will be responsible for the next-generation systems. Renesas is now proudly launching its new MCU product family, the RX Family, with the new CPU core.

The RX Family has adopted new technologies based on Renesas' accumulated know-how that will respond to our customers' present and future needs, to ensure "higher performance", "greater code efficiency", "lower power consumption", and "more integration" while retaining "compatibility with existing products". The RX Family is an MCU family Renesas proudly recommends as the world standard of the next-generation mid-range products.