This is a solution that could be installed on windows and door entrances, etc. When a vibration caused by an outside force is detected, an alarm will sound to scare off intruders. This Window Alarm with Buzzer solution features the RL78/G10 general-purpose MCU's functions such as external interrupt, timer module, buzzer output controller, and watchdog timer. In a normal situation when there is no vibration to a window, the device will enter STOP mode. When vibration is detected, it will release from STOP mode and sound an alarm. With the RL78/G10 STOP mode function, power consumption is suppressed, allowing battery life to last longer. The Window Alarm with Buzzer can play a defensive and alarm role for ordinary house doors and windows, as well as large glass windows, glass cabinets and booths.

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  • Demo board includes the RL78/G10 MCU
  • After vibration is detected, the system will activate an audible and visual alarm. The sound of the alarm is around 80dB and lasts 20s
  • After the ON/OFF switch is activated, the system is powered on and starts initialization; the vibration detection sensor starts to operate 10s later
  • Reset standby function: LED blinks with a 50ms cycle and lasts 10s
  • The LED blinks about every 3.28s to indicate the MCU is operating normally

Documentation & Downloads

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Datasheets & Errata
RL78/G10 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 652 KB
RL78/G10 Window Alarm with Buzzer Batch Download Sample Code ZIP 1.57 MB
Renesas RL78 Family Microcontrollers Brochure 日本語 Flyer PDF 5.89 MB