The RL78/G14-Low-Voltage-Motor-Control is a low voltage motor control evaluation system featuring RL78/G14 MCUs. This kit is only supported for existing customers, and the 24V Motor Control Evaluation System for RX23T is the recommended replacement.


  • This kit is intended for evaluation of Renesas devices (CPU products, A&P products), Renesas sample programs and as a reference for designing a board or software
  • A sample program for motor control by the following method is included
  • 120 degree conduction using hall sensor
  • Sensorless 120 degree energization
  • Sensorless vector 180 degree conduction
  • Encoder vector 180 degree energization*
    * Not included in kit. These sample programs do not support the CC-RL compiler. Only CA78K0R compiler is available.



  • Motor Control