Wi-Fi sensor demo kit showcases how to use Wi-Fi to talk to various sensors/detectors in a residential environment.

Hardware Setup

The diagram below shows the setup of the Sensor demo unit.

WiFi setup
Sensor Fusion Block

Each of the RL78 sensor units have multiple sensors in them and simulate a room in the house. The sensor GUI application simulates the central control panel. Each of the sensor units communicates with the central control unit through Wi-Fi. The sensor modules have a RL78 low power MCU that talks to the various sensors and collects the sensor data. The sensor data is sent to the Wi-Fi module that sends it to the central control panel. The Wi-Fi module in the sensor unit is a Connect-i-on module from Redpine Signals.

Package Contents

  • Sensor demo Suitcase
  • Two sensor units
  • Dlink access point with ethernet cable
  • Power supply extension cable
  • Two Li-ion Battery
  • Power supply cable
  • DVD containing all the software, tools and documentation needed to quickly start evaluating the product.


  • Real life demonstration of residential environment sensors
    • Temperature
    • Ambient Light
    • Humidity
    • Magnetic
    • Motion
  • Showcases easy RL78 interface to the multiple sensors
    • Serial communication interfaces: I2C, UART, etc.
    • Analog interface: ADC
  • Ultra low power operation with RL78 MCU : battery operated sensor kits
  • Demonstration of Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n capabilities with Redpine signals Connect-i-on™ module

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