The ICS-Low-Voltage-Motor-Control is a low voltage motor control evaluation system and variable waveform display tool for RL78/G14, RX62T MCUs. There are many advantages of ICS (In-Circuit Scope), a variable waveform display tool for low-voltage motor control systems.

  • Variable value can be read/written without stopping the program
  • If you stop the program while driving the motor, the upper and lower arms may short-circuit and the inverter circuit may be damaged. With this software, you can debug variables safely because you can read and write variables without stopping the program. In addition, since there is no need to change the program to change the parameters during parameter tuning, development efficiency can be improved.
  • Display the waveform of variable data inside the microcomputer in real time
  • Since multiple physical quantities that change from moment to moment can be observed in the same time series, it becomes easier to understand the phenomena and identify problems, and improve development efficiency.


  • Target board: Low voltage motor control evaluation system (RL78/G14 version, RX62T version)
  • Measurement channel: 8 [channel]
  • Trigger mode:
    • Mode: Single / Auto / Normal
    • Edge: Rise / Fall / Both
  • Trigger source: measurement channel 8 [channel]
  • Data management: Waveform data Save / Load function
  • Waveform display screen: Main screen + Enlarged display screen (4 [screen])
  • Ports used: TXD0, RXD0 (transfer rate 1M [bps] required)
  • Peripheral functions used: UART 1 [ch] (1M [bps]), DTC, interrupt



  • Motor Control