This product within the RISC-V based ASSP EASY group, targets motor control applications. The hardware specification is designed for efficient handling of brushless-DC motors in one or three shunt configurations, both in sensor-less mode or with external sensor inputs.

The application software implementing the motor control functionality is pre-developed and programmed within the device at factory production, with specialized application code developed by IDHs (independent design houses). This enables users to add a sophisticated field-oriented motor control functionality without any effort in terms of development, testing and validation of the implementation. An external host can control the ASSP via a simple serial interface, offloading the motor control functionality in the system, while handling the application-level tasks.

The end-product is composed of a combination of Renesas hardware and third-party software. The IDHs are partners with demonstrated specialized expertise in the motor control field and proven customer support capability, to bring the projects to completion and secure the successful transition to mass-production. The strongly collaborative solution with the IDH is a fundamental value proposition and the key to success.

The R9A02G020 RISC-V MCU ASSP hardware is specifically optimized for advanced motor control systems. Alongside ecosystem partners, this provides a complete, production-ready motor control system solution. With 32MHz performance, 48/16KB of Flash/RAM memory, advanced analog features, the R9A02G020 provides the foundation for a turnkey motor control solution. The availability of small package options and highest temperature support make such ASSP ideal for highly space-constrained PCB designs, within harsh environmental conditions.


  • Motor control specialized ASSP solution blending 32-Bit performance at 16-Bit price point
    • 32MHz 32-Bit innovative RISC-V CPU core with cost optimized specification
    • Rich analog IP functionality incl. 3 ADC with dedicated PGA and  Sample and Hold circuit, 2 DAC on both options, 2 comparators, temperature sensor
    • Advanced motor control timers, two watchdog timers for safety purpose
    • Small QFN packages (24 and 32-pin device)
    • High temperature support (125 C°)
    • Support sensorless, vector control for one BLDC motor, 1/3 shunt, PFC and Hall sensor inputs
    • 16 KB SRAM, incl. 4KB with ECC
    • Memory protection units (CPU and bus)
  • Achieve the shortest time to market with pre-developed software 
    • Customizable parameters & application options
    • Supported by easy-to-use PC GUIs/Configuration tools 
    • Controlled by external host I/F 
    • Complete reference design: hardware, software, kit, tools, hardware datasheet, software datasheet, GUI manual, app notes 
  • Add motor control functionality with cost-effective solution
    • Avoid upfront toolchain investment
    • No specialty motor control expertise required




  • Home/Building Automation
  • Consumer
  • Healthcare
  • Appliances - general purpose motors, power tools, fan motors, home appliances such as air conditioners / refrigerators, drones, toys


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RISC-V ASSP EASY for Motor Control

An overview of the RISC-V ASSP, specifically optimized for advanced motor control systems. Alongside ecosystem partners, this provides a complete, production-ready motor control system solution. Visit the RISC-V ASSP page for more details.