Renesas' beverage coaster reference design showcases the Renesas Synergy S3 MCU with the ISL8202M 3A power module and several other power and analog signal chain components. The beverage coaster reference design lights up, plays music and indicates beverage drinkability!

The coaster features a Renesas SynergyTM Platform S3-Series MCU, and multiple power/analog components from the Renesas product line. There are also five RGB LEDs and an ambient light sensor on the top.

As a beverage approaches the coaster center, the LEDs blink with increasing frequency until the drink is set down on top. A TE Connectivity thermistor indicates if your beverage is too warm (flashes red) or just right (flashes blue) while "The Chicken Dance" plays in the background. Simply press the switch on the back of the coaster to turn the board on or off.


  • Detects beverage proximity; LEDs flash
  • Detects beverage placement; LEDs solid and song plays
  • Indicates beverage drinkability
  • Utilizes low power consumption
  • Low continuous active current with on/off switch
  • Powered with two AAA batteries
  • Quickly designed utilizing Synergy SSP's Application Programming Interface (API)
  • The following Renesas and partner products are featured in this reference design:



  • Smart Beverage Coaster
  • Temperature Sensing


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