RE01 256KB

705 ULPMark-CP score global top class ultra-low power MCU based on SOTB™ process technology

The RE01 256KB based on SOTB™ process technology realizes ultra-low current consumption in both active and standby mode and high speed operation (64MHz) at low voltage (1.62V) , which is impossible to achieve with conventional bulk silicon process. The RE01 has been certified by EEMBC to have the highest score of 705 for the ULPMark-CP by the EEMBC ULPMark™ benchmark; this benchmark has been developed to provide a standard method to compare the energy efficiency of ultra-low power MCUs.

The RE01 256KB can significantly extend battery life and deliver high performance even in applications that use small batteries and energy harvesting power sources that can supply only a small amount of current. The RE01 256KB can be used more generally for a variety of IoT sensors such as those in smart home/building, structure health monitoring, trackers, and wearable devices.

The RE01 256KB product has an energy harvesting control circuit, ultra-low power consumption 14-bit ADC (about 4uA operation ), low power flash programming (rewriting at about 0.6mA), and security function (Trusted Secure IP). Trusted Secure IP is capable of performing symmetric-key algorithm (AES) and random number generation at high speed by dedicated on-chip hardware, and can be used to realize the secure updating of flash memory and prevention of unauthorized firmware startup (secure boot). In addition, user key data can be safely managed by Trusted Secure IP, which contributes to protecting IoT-embedded devices from virus intrusion and wiretapping.


  • Smart Home/Building
    Smart Home/Building
  • Structure Health Monitoring
    Structure Health Monitoring
  • Tracker
  • Wearable

RE01 Group Development Environment

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RE01 256KB Key Features

Part No. R7F0E01
Total pin count 100 64 72 56
Size 14 x 14mm 10 x 10 mm 3.16 x 2.88 mm 7 x 7 mm
Code flash memory 256KB
CPU operation frequency Cortex®-M0+ up to 64MHz
32MHz (normal mode)
64MHz (boost mode)
32kHz (low leakage current mode)
Interrupt control ICU Yes
IRQ Channels 0 to 9 Channels 0 to 5, and 7 to 8 Channels 0 to 9 Channels 0 to 5, and 7 to 8
Key interrupt KINT 8 channels
DMAC Channels 0 to 3
Event control ELC Yes
Energy harvesting EHC Yes
Back-bias voltage control Low leakage function Yes
Timers PWM timer (32-bit) Channels 0 to 1
PWM timer (16-bit)   Channels 2 to 5
32-bit timer Channels 0 to 1
16-bit timer Channels 0 to 1
8-bit timer Channels 0 to 1
Clock correction circuit Yes
Stopwatch Yes
Communication SCIg w/o FIFO Channels 2 to 5, and 9
SCIi w/ FIFO Channels 0 to 1
IrDA Yes
IIC Channels 0 to 1 Channel 1 Channels 0 to 1 Channel 1
SPI 128-bit buffer Channel 0
SPI 32-bit buffer Channel 1
Analog S14AD High precision 8 channels
Standard precision 4 channels NA 4 channels NA
TEMPS Yes (1 channel)
VREF Yes (1 channel)
HMI MIP-LCD parallel IF Yes
Graphics 2D graphics Yes
Data processing CRC Yes
Data operation circuit Yes
Data division circuit Yes
Data inversion circuit Yes
Security TSIP-Lite (AES, TRNG) Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No

Block Diagram

RE01 256KB Block Diagram

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Hardware Design Support

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Resonator Information

Please search for your resonator on its manufacturer's site linked below. If you require optimal oscillation circuit constants for your particular system, please ask the manufacturer of the oscillator.

For main clock resonator:

KYOCERA: Click here for RE01 256KB oscillation evaluation results.

Murata Manufacturing: For IC Manufacturer, select Renesas Electronics, and enter R7F0E01 into the IC Part Number search box.

For subclock resonator:

Seiko Instruments: Click here for RE01 256KB oscillation evaluation results.

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