alphaspeech µ (pronounced alphaspeech micro) is the world’s smallest speech recognition system. It includes state of the art speech recognition and AI technologies (Deep Neural Networks), which are highly optimized to be able to run on platforms with very low resources. A low-power voice solution is easily developed with the use of RE01.


  • Unlimited vocabulary, up to 64 words or phrases at the same time
  • Available Languages: English, German, Japanese (other Languages additional costs)
  • CPU clock: 32 MHz, FLASH: 50 kB (43 kB program, 7 kB ASR model), RAM: 17 kB (12 kB statics, 3 kB heap, 2 kB stack)
  • Energy Harvesting Platform: < 0.6 mA using the Renesas RE01


  • Household Appliances
  • Wearables, Smart Watch etc.
  • Toys
  • Smart Home


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