Modbus® is an industrial Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) , vendor–neutral communication protocol intended for supervision and control of automation equipment and used for remote monitoring and control applications. This portable embedded stack describes a Modbus TCP server and client implementation and how it can be extended in a Modbus application. The demo application software was developed using Utthunga’s TCP/IP stack. Although the software was developed and ported on Renesas' RA6M4 MCU, it is easily ported to other Renesas RA microcontrollers that support TCP/IP functionality. 


  • Portable Stack with options of TCP/IP Stack and OS
  • Application interface layer will enable modular structure to work with different app
  • Compatible with 8/16/32 bit MCU
  • Tested and Ported Code base Available with FREE RTOS and RA6M4 Series MCU



  • Industrial IoT
  • Industrial I/O Module interface
  • Protocol Convertors
  • IoT Gateway


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