FlashRunner 2.0 is a universal parallel in-system programmer with easy fixture integration thanks to its compact size. Eight digital I/O lines are included for each channel, coupled with dedicated ground return lines and two 96-pin DIN in-system programming connectors. Supports up to 16 different targets, communication protocols, and firmware in parallel. Support is available for the RA Family, RX Family, and RL78 Family MCUs.



  • Supports a wide range of Renesas products: Renesas – SMH Technologies (smh-tech.com)
  • Compact size: 170mm x 83mm x 19mm (without slave board), 170mm x 83mm x 30mm (with slave board)
  • LAN and USB connection and control:
    • User-friendly GUI
    • SDK/API: DLL in C/C++ and C#
    • Batch control
  • Standalone control: Execution of up to 32 projects
  • Data protection with user’s firmware encryption
  • Device security features supported
  • Dynamic memory: Change firmware content dynamically for, i.e., serial numbering
  • Board supply voltage and current up to 12V and 200mA




  • Automotive
  • In-system programming
  • White goods
  • Smart sensors
  • Industry 4.0


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