Qt for MCUs is a complete graphics framework and toolkit with everything you need to design, develop and deploy GUIs on RA 32-bit MCUs. Create smartphone-like UI/UX on microcontrollers with industry-leading design and development tools, ultimate performance and a tiny footprint.


  • High graphics performance and low memory footprint (runtime ~80KB)
    • Leverage a 2D accelerator and JPEG decoder to provide best-in-class performance
    • Utilize a graphics LCD controller (GLCDC) to provide flexibility on data formats
    • Support both rendering modes – Register mode and Display List mode
  • Re-use software code across hardware platforms from MCUs to MPUs
  • Includes WYSIWYG Studio and IDE to support Design-Develop iterative cycle




  • HMI on display panels or touch panels in industrial/building automation
  • HMI for metering devices
  • HMI for white good appliances


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Product Brief PDF 768 KB 日本語
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Quick Start Guide PDF 2.00 MB
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