CycloneTCP is a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack dedicated to embedded applications. CycloneTCP conforms to RFC standards and offers seamless interoperability with existing TCP/IP systems. The stack is distributed as a full ANSI C and highly maintainable source code. CycloneTCP supports several Renesas products including Renesas RA MCUs.


  • Dual stack (IPv4 and/or IPv6)
  • Built-in support for multiple network interfaces
  • Flexible memory footprint (built-time configuration to embed only the necessary features)
  • Configurable memory model (static memory pool or heap memory allocation)
  • Portable architecture (no processor dependencies)
  • Straightforward port to any RTOS
  • Highly maintainable source code
  • Debugging and trace functionality to ease development and integration
  • BSD style socket API



  • Industrial IoT Systems
  • Home & Building Automation
  • Security & Defence Systems
  • Smart Meters & Energy Storage


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