HCC offers five FAT file systems, each designed to achieve the best balance of performance and resource utilization in their targeted embedded configuration. Three of these file systems share a common API to ensure portability, and all can interface with any type of sector-based media.

HCC also provides components needed for efficient management of NAND or NOR flash devices. HCC's advanced fail-safe SafeFTL Flash Translation Layer presents a logical, sector-based interface to any application or file system.

Drivers for external media such as SD, (e)MMC, CompactFlash and USB Mass Storage complement HCC’s File Systems and Flash support offering. Support is now available for Renesas RA MCUs.


  • FAT: optimized for use in embedded applications that need to attach FAT 12/16/32 compliant media
  • THIN: a FAT system for embedded MCUs with limited system resources
  • SafeFAT: enhanced FAT, ensures file system integrity upon unexpected reset or power loss
  • exFAT: optimized for use with flash memory such as USB flash drives and SD cards
  • SafeexFAT: enhanced exFAT, ensures file system integrity upon unexpected reset or power loss



  • IoT devices
  • Mass storage devices
  • HID machine
  • Industrial equipment
  • Data logger
  • Measuring equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Barcode reader


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