The Etouch TFT Display solution is a friendly graphics framework and tool that enables design and deployment of GUIs on Renesas RA and RX MCUs and the RZ family of MPUs. The excellent visual GUI tool allows customers to easily modify or develop graphics and generate sources code file quickly. Out-of-box support is now available for the RA family of MCUs.


  • Etouch GUI cross-platform support (NO-OS/RTOS/Windows/Linux)
  • Visual design tool and easy-to-modify, rapid development with friendly interface
  • Smoothly supports conversion from RGB888 to RBG565
  • Rapidly generate code file by using Etouch GUI tools
  • RA6M3 MU built-in graphic LCD controller, enabling to drive RGB panel or parallel port directly


  • Home Application
  • Industrial HMI
  • Advertising Panel
  • Automotive Entertainment
  • Navigation
  • Vending Machines


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