The CAD-IT Telematics & IoT Intelligence Platform (CTIP) is a modular suite of software libraries within CAD-IT's architecture for IoT applications and related devices. It offers integratable engines and modules in the development of server and cloud applications, and embedded IoT devices.

The server and cloud-based modules of CTIP support Microsoft Azure services, MS SQL Server, and some open source technologies and can be provisioned to run on virtual machines on any cloud offerings.

Separately, the CAD-IT Telematics & IoT Embedded Framework (CTEF) and associated libraries simplify the development of software and firmware for IoT devices. The CTEF software library is suitable for the Renesas RA6 MCUs and targets primarily FreeRTOS. It encapsulates the technical and domain experiences from CAD-IT's experience in designing and deploying its own IoT products. It offers reduced complexity and time-to-market in designing your own products.



  • Technical Features of CTIP for Server and Cloud-based Applications
    • Runs on MS SQL Server
    • Support Microsoft Azure
    • Supports https, MQTT 5.0, and web technologies
    • Functionality is accessible through JSON-based APIs
  • Technical Features of CTEF for Embedded Devices
    • Based on Renesas’ RA6 microcontroller family using Renesas e2 studio and FreeRTOS.
    • Support for other toolchains and other RTOS.
    • Architected to support multi-tasking applications written in C for FreeRTOS, for stability and ease of functionality management.
    • Support various GPS, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, serial flash, SD Card, SIM, and sensor-based features and technologies, depending on the hardware modules selected. Please ask.
    • Used in CAD-IT’s hardware product suite, which is the EdgeLinx IoT family of devices.




  • Industrial and Factory 4.0
  • IoT
  • Smart Buildings
  • Enterprise Appliances and Sensors
  • Transportation and Telematics


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