The RA Ready Voice UI solution from Sensory and DSP Concepts delivers best-in-class machine listening in noisy environments with customizable wake words and command sets. In addition, this solution provides true endpoint intelligence on the RA MCU with no network connection required making it perfect for all types of smart voice-controlled devices.


  • Best-in-Class Performance
    • TalkTo™ identifies and eliminates noise sources for high-performance voice control in extreme noise conditions
    • TrulyHandsfree™ has fast response times, ultra-low current consumption, and excellent performance
  • Fast Time to Market
    • World-class expertise and engineering support
    • Supports multiple languages and a wide range of use cases
    • RA Ready out-of-the-box solution and demo available on the DK-RA6M5 (contact factory for availability)
  • Cost Effective
    • Voice UI and system control on the same MCU, reducing BOM cost
    • Significantly reduced engineering effort with a ready-to-go building block solution




  • Home and commercial smart appliances
  • Smart homes and smart buildings
  • Industrial process control
  • Consumer devices


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Renesas RA6M5 + DSP Concepts' TalkTo Voice Reference Design

This demonstration will show voice recognition responses to a wake word phrase "Hey, Renesas" and some laundry-specific commands. This RA Ready Voice UI solution uses the Renesas RA6M5 MCU, DSP Concepts' two-microphone TalkTo™ audio front end and Sensory's embedded wake word and phrase recognition engines.