The RA Ready Voice UI solution from Sensory and DSP Concepts delivers best-in-class machine listening in noisy environments with customizable wake words and command-sets. In addition, this solution provides true endpoint intelligence on the RA MCU with no network connection required making it perfect for all types of smart voice controlled devices.


  • Best-in-Class Performance
    • TalkTo™ identifies and eliminates noise-sources for high performance voice-control in extreme noise conditions
    • TrulyHandsfree™ has fast response times, ultra-low current consumption and excellent performance
  • Fast Time to Market
    • World-class expertise and engineering support
    • Supports multiple languages and a wide range of use cases
    • RA Ready out of the box solution and demo available on the DK-RA6M5 (contact factory for availability)
  • Cost Effective
    • Voice UI and system control on the same MCU, reducing BOM cost
    • Significantly reduced engineering effort with a ready-to-go building block solution


  • Home and commercial smart appliances
  • Smart home and smart buildings
  • Industrial process control
  • Consumer devices


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Application Notes & White Papers
Fundamentals of Voice UI White Paper PDF 706 KB
Renesas RA6M5 + DSP Concepts' TalkTo Voice Reference Design Presentations PDF 3.61 MB
DSP Concepts & Sensory High Performance Voice UI with Local ASR 日本語 Product Brief PDF 340 KB

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