The QCIoT-Arducam-Mega is an adaptation of ArduCam Mega SPI cameras to Renesas' EK-RA6M4 200MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 TrustZone® microcontroller evaluation board. This camera solution helps you quickly and easily connect one or more cameras to any microcontroller. This solution targets battery-powered IoT devices, embedded machine vision, and artificial intelligence applications.

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  • Supports any MCU
  • Module can support up to four cameras running on a single MCU by using an adapter board
    • The cameras capture at the same time with sequential readout
    • Low-power consumption
  • Controllable parameters include resolution, pixel format, automatic white balance (AWB), automatic exposure (AE), autofocus (AF), brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Equipped with an autofocus lens which can achieve autofocus at different distances. Suitable for the IoT activities


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Arducam Mega 5MP is a rolling shutter camera. The ultra-high stability and accuracy and open source API of this camera can realize a project more effectively.