SuperH high-end microcontrollers and microprocessors are well trusted, have a proven track record and have been used by many customers since their introduction in 1992. The extensive product lineup of SuperH Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) engine MCUs has helped reduce the size of and improve the performance of many applications.

Our product lines include a series with the SH-2 as the CPU core and on-chip large-capacity flash memory and peripheral functions such as a timer, serial I/O, and AD converter, and a series with the SH-4 as the CPU core, which achieves high-speed data processing and is equipped with cache and a memory management unit (MMU).

Some products may be obsolete or not recommended for new designs and won't appear on the table below. If a specific product of interest is not included in the Parametric Search table, please use the site search function to find information.


SuperH Family RoadmapSH7256RSH7231SH7239SH7243SH7280SH7216SH72AxSH7210SH7125SH7146SH7137SH7147SH7080SH7020SH7030SH7048SH7047SH7144SH7010SH7040SH7618SH7619SH7050SH7060SH7205SH7265SH7206SH7261SH7201SH7264SH7262SH7266SH7267SH7263SH7203SH7670SH726BSH726ASH7269SH7268SH7253SH7254RSH7456SH7455SH7459SH7457SH7451SH7450SH7786SH7723SH7722SH7785SH7780SH7730SH7753SH7734SH7764SH7709SSH7706SH7710/12/13SH7705SH7727SH7720/21SH7751SH7750SSH7760SH7751RSH7750R