The M3A-HS49 is the CPU board designed for users to evaluate the functionality and performance of the SH7149 group of Renesas Technology original microcomputers, as well as develop and evaluate the application software for this group of microcomputers. The SH7149's data bus, address bus and various internal peripheral circuit function pins are connected to the extension connector of the M3A-HS49, allowing users to evaluate the timing relationship with peripheral devices using measurement instruments or develop extension boards tailored to suit development purposes. Furthermore, the E10A-USB or the on-chip emulator made by Renesas Technology can also be connected to the M3A-HS49.


  • It is easy for evaluation of on-chip peripheral I/O and system extension.
  • All SH7149 I/O port are connected to extension connectors so that it is possible to develop the extension board for a variety of uses.
  • The H-UDI connector (36-pin/14-pin) to which Renesas emulator E10A-USB can be connected is mounted on board.