The 5962-88665 (IDT 7133/43) high-speed 2K x 16 Dual-Port Static RAMs is designed to be used as a stand-alone 16-bit Dual-Port RAM or as a "MASTER" Dual-Port RAM together with a "SLAVE" Dual-Port in 32-bit-or-more word width systems. Low-power offers battery backup data retention capability, with each port typically consuming 200?W for a 2V battery. Military grade product in compliance with MIL-PRF-38535 QML.


  • True Dual-Ported memory cells which allow simultaneous access of the same memory location
  • Versatile control for write: separate write control for lower and upper byte of each port
  • easily expands data bus width to 32 bits or more using SLAVE
  • On-chip port arbitration logic
  • BUSY output flag
  • Fully asynchronous operation from either port
  • Battery backup operation–2V data retention
  • TTL-compatible
  • single 5V (±10%) power supply
  • Available in 68-pin ceramic PGA, and Flatpack packages




Design & Development