The Renesas high-performance multiport memory portfolio includes more than 100 types of asynchronous and synchronous dual-ports, four-ports and bank-switchable dual-ports. Our multiport memory products feature simultaneous access capability, with a number of arbitration techniques available to the designer to prevent contention and system wait states. On-chip hardware arbitration, semaphore token passing and software arbitration allow the designer to select the most efficient multi-port memory for the application.

  • Multi-port solves bus matching issues from x8, x9, x16, x18, x36, up to x72 bit bus widths
  • Multi-port can be used to allow mismatched voltage parts to be used together; 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V I/Os can be adapted
  • Multi-port can buffer bus speed mismatch from DC to 10ns for asynchronous memory and up to 200MHz for synchronous devices
  • Multi-port densities range from 8Kb up to 36Mb, allowing a wide range of applications


Asynchronous Dual-Port RAMs

Non-clocked inputs and outputs for data, address, and control functions

Bank-Switchable Dual-Port RAMs

Synchronous RAM for increased density while retaining many features of true dual-ports

Synchronous Dual-Port RAMs

Clocked inputs and outputs for data, address, and control functions


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